Ripped Abs

Rock Ultimate Abs With These 8 Suggestions

Do you want to look more appealing to the opposite sex or just lead a healthy life till 80? Washboard abs can facilitate both. Unlike the glitzy ads of supplements, exercise programs and magic foods that promise six-packs within a fortnight (!), there is couple of insider-tips that truly work. Let’s find them out.

Eat More Lean Protein

Lean protein is the way to go forward when you are running after fab abs. Make sure that your diet includes everything- from low-on-sodium chicken breasts to egg-whites. There is another very good source of lean protein which many don’t know about and i.e. – frozen shrimps. Purchase those that are already deveined. Defrost them and prepare a Thai-style shrimp curry or a salad. It would give your body low-cal and high-protein in a single dish.

 You can dig into fish as well. Salmon is the perfect blend of protein and Omega-3 fatty acids- both of which are essential for belly-fat loss.

Walk After Each Meal

Walking after each meal would speed up your digestion process and consequently, there would be less storing of fat around your waist. Regardless of whether you are digging into only a bowl of salad for lunch or smoked salmon- post-lunch, don’t slump on your office chair gloating that, you already ate the healthiest meal possible for your abs. Move around, climb up and down the office stair-case for once and then take your seat.

In the event you have the habit of eating your dinner by 7.00 PM, then you’ll get plenty of room to be active- doing simple household chores or playing with kids. Do everything so that the food you have just consumed doesn’t feel like a slab inside the stomach.

Have Oatmeal

Start your day with oatmeal. Oatmeal is full of nutrients- fiber as well as protein. Whenever you eat oatmeal, it will take time to digest. That’s why you will feel fuller for a long time post-breakfast and don’t even have the cravings for in-between snacks. Oatmeal also regulates the insulin level in your bloodstream-thus ensuring that there would no over-secretion of insulin hormone leading to fat disposal around waist. Pick up steel-cut oats over the processed or ready-to-cook ones.

Focus On HIIT

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is the secret sauce for many celebs’ with six-packs abs. In this way, you’d do few sets of high intensity training and then follow it up with a low intensity one. In the event you love running or walking and basically an outdoor person, then sprint for 300 meters and then walk for 100 meters. Do it for till you cover a mile in this sprinting-walking combo.

Similarly, if you are training in gym, emulate it in there also. Example? 30 seconds of high knees, 30 seconds of fast feet and then follow it up by doing plank for full 1 minute. Mix and match it after talking to your trainer.

Raise Your Legs

Raising your knees or legs up is considered to be great work-out for reducing lower-abdomen fat. Be that as it may, most of us stop at the point when- our legs are vertical at the right angle to the body. We consider this is the ultimate dot we can go up for moving the lower-abs. Wrong. In reality, this only targets the lower hip muscles of body and not the lower abs.

In order to focus on the lower torso, raise your legs up beyond the perpendicular point so that you can feel the contraction in the pelvis area. This is the ideal way to flex your lower abs muscles

Eat Grapes And Hummus

If you haven’t figured out- what you are going to eat after spending those 35-40 minutes in gym, then don’t do any exercise at all. Post- work-out snack is that important. Frozen grapes, and hummus with pita bread- are two great foods that would replenish- your muscles’ lost energy, and water that your body has released as sweat. Likewise, they would keep the pH balance of blood high.

Grapes are full of electrolytes that do all of these things with an elan. Toss handful of grapes in a ziplock box and munch on them post-gymming. In similar fashion, home-made hummus with pita bread (whole wheat variety) would give your body- both protein and healthy carbs.

Learn No Equipment-Exercise

Our cavemen forefathers didn’t have TRX equipment or abs rollers at their disposal. Still they had fit and fabulous bodies with washboard abs (well, that’s what one can deduct from the cave paintings anyway). Learn no-equipment abs exercises so that you don’t have to be perpetually gym-bound. Downward dog, Janda sit-up, oblique twists are some of the high-intensity work-outs that target abs and you can do them without any device.

Go to a playground, stand in front of the bar and do morning leg-ups with the help of it.  Even role-playing as a bear by making your toddler sit on top of your back and crawling around the home- would do some goods to your abs as well.

Listen To Your Body

Listening to what your body is saying- is the most important factor to get the ultimate abs you have always desired for. Do you hate TRX suspension training or didn’t give two hoots about CrossFit until recently? Then there is no point in joining either a TRX training center or a CrossFit gym- out of peer pressure. Your body might have accustomed to free-hand exercise or compound movements so far. There is no brownie point to score by changing things upside-down.

Likewise, in the event you hate running but love hiking around the mountain trails a lot, then don’t punish your body and pick up the latter. Keep things intense-yet-low-tempo that suits your level of energy.

Before you want ultimate abs for yourself, discover your motivation behind it. Do you want to look good or boost up your self-confidence? Keeping your goal back in mind would give you extra zeal, to follow all of the tips above. Getting a washboard abs is definitely the combination of sweat, tears and will-power.