Ripped Abs

10 Exercises For Eye Catching Ripped Abs

When it comes to building ripped abs, there is nothing superior to core training. In case you’d like to have a chiseled gut, make sure to follow the right moves, along with nutritious diet.  How about discovering the top 10 work-outs that would give your protruding tummy- a flat twist?


Why crunch away your abs-fat when you can do planks? If we compare plank with crunch, strictly in view of six-pack goal, then the former would pass out with flying colors. Doing plank, your spin maintains a neutral position- thus minimizing the risk of spinal injury, unlike crunch.

Likewise, plank focuses on core muscles that bring out the ripped abs of your dream. Moreover, there are dozens of ways you can modify the plank work-out to make it custom-fit. So what are the most effective planks that can sculpt your gut?

To begin with, there is elbow plank. This is the basic level for the tenderfoot who has quite recently begun the journey of six-pack muscles. Here, kneel down to a push-up position first with- elbows touching the ground firmly, head up and tightened the abdomen. Hold this for 15-20 seconds and then release. Do it for 15 reps.

Another critical six-pack exercise would be- plank cross tap.  To perform it, go for the plank position with placing your hands in a straight-line, yet tad bit more expansive than shoulders. Now by keeping your spine flat, raise your right knee towards the left elbow, as nearer as possible. Go back to the initial position and repeat it with the other foot as well.

Bicycle Crunches

Sometimes, add a twist to your regular crunch and customize it to support your six-pack mission. Bicycle crunch is the perfect abs work-out that targets the lower gut unlike the standard crunch. Here, lie down on your back with hands behind your head, and the legs stretched out but placed solidly together. For cushioning, interlock your fingers. Now, raise your right leg in such a way that the thigh winds up becoming perpendicular to the ground, while the calf remains parallel to it.

Raise your head, tighten the core and now strive to touch right knee with your left elbow. While doing it, keep a tab on the left foot that it remains above the ground. Afterwards, go back to the beginning stage and do it with the other foot as well. Repeat this for 10-12 times.

Bicycle crunch is one of the toughest gear-free exercises out there that stimulate rectum abdominis directly. While doing it, you ought to take special care of your neck, so that it doesn’t get strained when you are moving your head. In order to make it more advanced, you can sit in a V-shape position as opposed to lying on your back.

Pulse Ups

For getting a sexy, V-cut in your abs, there is nothing better than doing pulse ups 15 times a day. You can do it lying on your back- on a bench or on the floor. On the off chance you choose the former, then put your hands behind your head. Gradually, raise the legs till they create a 90-degree angle to the floor, while your core must be tightened. Next, raise your hips from the bench as well and squeeze them tight, so that, they would push the legs higher. Hold the position for few seconds, before bouncing back to the initial stage.

When you are doing pulse ups lying on the floor, make sure that your legs point upwards during the fundamental stage. From there, brace your abs and stretch out the feet to make 100% perpendicular to the ground, slowly raise your butt for thrusting the legs as higher as you can. Pulse ups give your body a holistic core-training, with special emphasis given on lower abs.

Mountain Climbers

The ripped abs work-out can be broadly divided into two groups- toning muscles and burning fats. While plank or bicycle crunch tones up your lower abs, mountain climbers melt the fat around your mid-riff. This is a complete training that- not only strengthens your core but also reduces adipose tissues.

For doing it, place yourself in a plank position, while ensuring that there is no sagging part in your body.  Even the elbows ought to be positioned straight. Now, raise right leg first, bend the knee and push it towards your torso. You aim should be- placing the knee parallel between the frontal part of body and the floor.

In the event you want to take mountain climbing to an advanced stage, try to bring the top part of thigh to the contact of the chest. Once you have pushed the knee forward as far as you can, hold it there for few seconds by embracing your gut- before you go back to the former position. Repeat it with the other foot as well.

Apart from this above-stated primary version, there are other variations of mountain climbers as well such as- side-to-side climbers, spider climbers and cross-body. In order to ace this work-out, initially, you have train your body for being plank-ready, to the T.

V-Ups Work-out

V-Up exercise is another tough cookie to crack, when it comes to carve out the visceral muscles. In order to do this, you ought to have a flexible spine and agile limbs. Lie down on mat with your legs stretched out and put together on the ground. Keep your hands by the sides of your body. Slowly, raise your legs up while they are touching each other side-by-side. On the other hand, ascend your arms (with the upper body part) as well and attempt to touch the toes.

On the off chance you can’t do it, striving hard would be enough to target rectus abdominis. Make sure that your body forms a V-shape while doing it. Now backpedal to the former position and reboot.

V-Up is an advanced work-out that not only stimulates the core six-pack muscles but also activates your obliques, thighs and hip flexors. Doing it for 15-18 times would give your body a complete core-tightening training.

Nonetheless, in case you are experiencing stiff neck or back pain, don’t attempt it. V-up doesn’t enable you to support your neck with interlocked hands on the back of head. Besides, your spine has to endure compressive pressure. Do it only when you are under the tutelage of a trainer.

Windshield Wipers

Windshield wiper is a testing work-out for achieving ripped abs. This is also gravity-defying so you can well imagine the exertion it needs from the doer. Windshield wiper can be attempted in two ways- the advanced one requires you to hang from a pull bar, raise your legs together and rotate them side-by-side, imitating a car-screen wiper. In reality, very few can master it at one go. For that, practice the same exercise while lying on the floor, to train your body step-by-step.

 First, rest on your back on the mat, stretching both your hands out and wide. Now raise your legs so that they can form 90 degree angles to the floor. Move to one side, as if you are trying to touch the floor. Hold them for seconds and then flip to the other side.

For progressive windshield wiper, suspend from pull bar, with the help of lats.  At that point, repeat the motion stated in the above paragraph. Raise legs perpendicular to the floor and rotate them, while torso remains parallel to the ground. Bending the knees would make the rotation easier.

Archer Row

Archer row focuses on fixing your core while invigorating your rectus abdominis. You can do it in two forms.  Do you have any tree in your backyard? Then tie up the TRX band on a low-hanging branch (first check out its strength), grab hold of the strap with both arms and thrust your body forward- in rowing motion.

Ensure that the midriff remains tightened and from head-to-toe, you create slating straight line, without any sag. While pulling yourself forward, free up the support arm, stretch it out and hold there for few seconds. Again snatch the strap with the supporting arm and backpedal to the basic position.

The second method of doing archer row involves a dumbbell. Begin it by going for plank position and keeping a dumbbell nearby. Placing the left palm on the floor and grabbing the dumbbell with the right hand, perform a row with the right hand. Keep your chest straight and put the hip and the torso perpendicular to the floor.

Repeat the rowing with both the sides. Do keep it in mind that maintaining an upright stance would increase the level of difficulty- thus leading to more stimulation for the abs muscles.

Ab Roller

On the off chance you want to exercise with minimal equipment, then ab wheel or ab roller is the one for you. Priced cheaply, this instrument spearheads numerous work-outs targeting core muscles and rectus abdominis. For building ripped abs, do kneeling ab roll-out and full ab roll-out with it.

Go for a knelling position first and grab the ab wheel, suck in your tummy so that the core remains in affixed position. Now push the wheel forward as far as you can, with your chin about to touch the floor. Hold there for few seconds and then roll back to the former position. This straightforward exercise would give your rectus abdominis a sound incitement.

For full ab roll-out, stand a meter or so away from the wall. Bend forward and grab the ab wheel. Breathe in, brace your core and roll the wheel forward till your chin scarcely touches the floor. For quicker move, you can tie up one end of a TRX resistance band to the wheel and the flip end- to any unflinching point. Now repeat the whole process for 10-12 times, by taking tiny pauses in-between.

Spider Crawl

When you list down the gear-free ripped abs exercises one-by-one, you’d find most of them start off from a plank or push-up position. Spider crawl is one such work-out, which involves equal level of fun and convenience. To do it, get down to a fundamental push-up position.

Just make sure that you bring down your nose and pelvis in such a way that they float like- as if they are about to touch the ground. Now start crawling the whole room, so that, you must look like a spider from outside. Pledge to cover minimum 100 yards by creeping in.

In the event you find crawling shoots up pain through your upper-arms, at that point, do it fixed to a same spot. Here, from the plank position, raise a leg and push the knee forward towards the elbow. Pause for few seconds while holding your core.  Regain the original stance and do it with the other foot.  

Apart from your lower abs, spider crawl tones up upper arms, chest and shoulder as well. Try to do it in a carpeted room for avoiding knee-scratches.



This is the mother of all abs exercises without gears. The original burpee focuses on quad muscles and glutes; be that as it may, you can alter it to suit your six-pack prerequisites. In the first place, stand on your feet with your back in a straight line; drop to a squatting position while the hands are placed on the ground- past the knees.  Bounce your legs back and do a plank. For best effect, squeeze in a push-up here as well.

Again hop your feet forward and do a squat, which should be followed by jumping back to remain erect- just like the fundamental position. To make it all the more trying for the six-pack muscles, do one-leg as well as one-hand burpees. In both the cases; during the push-ups, utilize all your hands and feet.

Breaking into hundreds of crunches and sit-ups in order to get diced abs- has become passé. The above exercises would- not only give you a washboard tummy but also keep monotony away from work-out routine. Mix them up and you will surely be able to flaunt your sculpted gut, eventually.