Ripped Abs

10 Reasons Your Abs Aren’t Visible Yet

Are you following the latest fad diet to get six-pack? Then it may happen that, 60 days would pass by without any hint of visceral muscles. Sticking only to mainstream rules doesn’t guarantee the chiseled gut.  Let’s find out, why you are not seeing any visible abs yet, even after doing everything ‘right’.

Focusing Only On Crunches

This has penetrated in our collective psyche that- when it comes to abs exercise; crunching it away should be the number one choice. Be that as it may, crunching only shapes up the upper part of your body. To stimulate the rectus abdominis or six-pack muscle, incorporate compound moves in your routine.

Barbell squat and rotation lunge are two most popular compound moves that not only target your six-pack contractile organs but also activate your oblique muscles as well. For the core circuit training, include cable crunches, weighted one-sided crunch, medicine ball leg drops in your to-do list. These are some of the highly-recommended moves by fitness-gurus, for sculpting gut.

Do take note that, it can take months before you see the faintest sign of six-pack on your torso. You have to keep your tenacity and patience solid- throughout the journey. Hiring an experienced personal trainer might help, as s/he would be able to guide you on- how to train your abs without injuring yourself.  On the off chance you want to go moderate on the wallet, there are tons of fitness videos for free on YouTube, from where you can learn mean moves.

Changing  Diet Often

The lots, who go for six-pack, tend to get influenced by the external forces like glitzy ads selling fad diets or expensive work-out equipment. In the event you are one of them, stop relying on short-cut or exaggerated solutions and start eating right. Best would be- chalking out your dietary consumption in 3 parts.

For the first part- focus on burning fat solely. For that, stock your fridge with broccoli, sweet potatoes and apples. While broccoli has fiber and considered one of the topmost low-cal foods, sweet potatoes are good carbs and stabilize insulin level. Apples have anti-oxidants that prevent your body- to store away fat.

Next, concentrate on boosting your digestion. Keep chili peppers, green tea and grapefruit in the priority list for shopping. While green tea has molecules catechin to improve your metabolism, chili peppers do the same with capsaicin.

Grapefruits, on the other hand, come across as great post work-out snack because it balances out insulin and prevents you going all ravenous over foods.  Now comes the most important part of building abs muscles and that is- lean protein.  Ensure that your fridge contains lean cut chicken, lamb or turkey, all the time.

Having Excessive Tummy-Fat

Do you know that in order to display six-pack muscles, your abdomen must have 10% fat or below than that? Anything more than this mark and no matter how many hours you are training for in the gym, you will always have that paunch.

There are umpteen hacks with which- you will be able to reduce your belly love handles. First, increase the water retention power of your body. While the fitness pros prescribe for less water consumption in case you ought to build six-pack within, say, 30 days, this is not possible for rookies. You should do it step-by-step.

In the beginning, make sure that, you have 2 large cups of water before sitting down for every meal. In this way, your appetite would be reduced. Sounding too bland? Well, then while having your lunch or dinner, have a mug of green tea beside your plate.  The polyphenols present in green tea would spike up your metabolism.

Secondly, get plenty of vitamin D. Vitamin D can regulate the fat cells – thus leading to a slump on lard all over the body. Go for an early morning jog or walk to get some sunshine with vitamin D in it. If it sounds too hectic, then pop down vitamin D pills as per your doctor’s prescription.

Sleep Disorder

If you are suffering from sleep disorder, then it will trigger off a delayed response to all those abs-exercises you are doing religiously. Do you according to a study by Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, a night involving sleeplessness, turning and tossing can spike up the insulin resistance in your body? This means, more fat will deposit around your mid-riff because sleep-disorder increases production of stress hormone cortisol as well.

So taking plentiful of rest is important to assist your six-packs mission.  Strive for 7-8 hours of sleep every day. If you can, then you should go for shutting your eyes for taking 30 minutes of power nap in the siesta.

Before hitting the bed at night, first create the right environment for sleep. And yes, your mother was right. Having a glass of warm milk before sleep does help you in resting better. The alpha-lactabumin present in cow milk signals your brain to hang the boots for the day.

Also do away with all your electronic gadgets before going for shuteye. When you are glued to the PC screen, then jumping next to a pitch-dark room for drifting off to the slumber, might feel uncomfortable first. Switching on a reading lamp or dim light can prepare you gradually for that.

Not Lifting Weight

Not lifting weight is another blunder for which you are not seeing any progress in abdomen. Take for an instance- have you ever hung from a pull bar? If no, at that point, start doing it right away. While dangling from the bar, raise your legs but this time, add a twist. Place a dumbbell between your feet while you are lifting legs feet up- still suspending from the bar.

This tiny addition will incorporate the extra zing in your exercise and you can lift weight in an innovative way.  Doing hanging- leg raise for 12-15 reps a day may leave you breathless and sticking your tongue out.  Be that as it may, this should be an imperative method in your schedule to stimulate abs-muscles.

Lifting weight with intensity or including bodyweight exercise is of utmost importance, in case you are preparing yourself for marathon training. This likewise applies in the event you are intending to participate in any amateur championship tournament.

On any given day, exercise for 15-20 reps for your muscles and the next day; decrease the number of reps to 8-10 only. Repeat this for every alternate day, till you get the washboard abs you have always envisioned of.

Not Mixing Work-Outs

Majority of the population take their abs as a block of meat which is only present at the middle of the body. That’s the reason when shedding off abs-weight; they tend to focus solely on stomach area. But this is another grave mistake for which, most of the six-pack enthusiasts miss the mark, even after hitting the gym every day.

Do you know which muscles are there in your abdomen? There is rectus abdominis, oblique muscles and transverse abdominis. In order to bring out the flat tummy, flex, rotate and contract those muscles.  Because crunches only limit to flexing them, you have to incorporate rotational work-outs in terms of medicine balls and plank, for contraction.

Getting yourself a TRX band is a great favor you can do to your six-packs mission. There are two exercises with TRX that give you the fittest abs, step-by-step. They are – TRX plank to pike and TRX mountain climbers. There are other innovative ways to target your core muscles- L-seat chin up, superman with a twist, dish rocks, are only some of them. The best part is- you can do them in the comfort of your home too.

Training Light

Training too lightly won’t fetch you any result in the long run. Are you lifting the same weight you used to do 3 months ago? If the answer is yes, then forget about building mean abs muscles in anytime soon. Increase your exercise intensity gradually. If earlier, you used to raise your legs alone, then put a dumbbell between your feet now, for the progressive resistance.

In similar fashion, during to cable crunches, now bind a plate on your chest for expanding level of difficulty. That’s why you’d see- plenty of athletes tying tyres around the feet during the practice session.

There is a plethora of cutting-edge abs exercises to choose from. Among them, Swiss ball crunches should come first. For that, lie on your back over a Swiss ball while planting your feet immovably on the ground. Do the regular moves that crunches require but don’t forget to put a dumbbell behind your head- for extra push. Completing 15 reps ought to be your objective.

One-arm plank is yet another advanced work-out that focuses on core. In order to do it, form a plank position with your body. Now, raise your right arm and stretch it out parallel to your head, as far as possible. Hold it for 15 seconds, put it down, then again do it with your left hand for the same duration. Make sure, you repeat 2 folds for each arm that means- a single set of one-arm plank must run for full 1 minute. Do it for 15 reps.

Emphasis On Spot Reduction


In alternate days, do the compound moves which might not involve abdomen work-out directly but rather still, would stimulate your rectus abdominis.

No Lifestyle Overhaul

If you are living a stressful life yet following the text-book rules to build six-pack, go for a lifestyle overhaul on immediate effect. Leading a healthy lifestyle should go in sync- with doing workout for abdomen. On the off chance you are addicted to alcohol or smoking, do away with both of them. Additionally, take control of stress level.

Sleeping disorder, as stated above, can trigger off your stress hormone. So resting peacefully is the first step to tackle stress. Besides, try out meditation, cold bath, periodic body message, listening to music or whatever other hacks lessen anxiety and depression for you. Otherwise, the abs work-out would render nothing.

Not Breathing Properly

Breathing impacts losing belly pounds. Apart from following a structured work-out plan and a healthy diet, learn some breathing techniques that would reinforce your core. The first would be- diaphragm breathing. Lie back on a yoga mat, stretch your feet and start inhaling and exhaling- profoundly. Notice how your breasts and stomach are ascending and down with each breath. The most essential point is- involving your diaphragm in this process. Do it for 4-5 minutes post work-out, every day.   

Take leaf out of the ancient yoga and practice deep breathing every day. In any case, you need to do it for minimum 15 minutes, for a visible result on your tummy. Sit straight on a chair or on the floor, placing your body against the wall. Put both of your hands on the lap, close your eyes and start breathing normally. Do it for 4 minutes and then increase the intensity.

For breathing in, count 1 to 5; breathing out, count 1 to 7. Take a pause for 30 seconds and repeat it for next 10 minutes-12 minutes. Not only deep breathing fortifies your core muscles but also boosts up the oxygen taking capacity of lungs.

Consistency and self-will are two keys for six-pack abs. from eating clean to bringing diversity in your work-out, do it year-round. You can even keep a journal for self-motivation. With unwavering focus and the determination to lift up your body image, achieving killer abs should come easy.