Abs After 40 Review: All About Abs After 40

When I hit 40 in February last year, it was accompanied by a huge loss in my business. The outcome left me devastated. Though I had somewhat recovered my money in 6 months, my determination went for a toss. I started gorging on junk food, led a sedentary life and eventually grew a paunch. Fortunately, my best friend came to rescue and introduced me with Abs after 40. After going through numerous Abs after 40 reviews, I decided to give 3 months to this intense work-out program and voila! At the end of the 12th week, what many Abs after 40 customer reviews predicted, came true. I developed ripped abs and found my mojo back!

About Abs After 40

Abs after 40 is a three-step work-out program for men above-40, who are short on time! Yes, you can do it inside the comfort of your home by seeing the short videos created by Mark Mcilyar- the driving force behind this effective exercise regimen. The three phase exercise includes- jumpstarting to reduce belly fat, optimizing the testosterone level in a male body and total body fat burning mode. Do all of them sound intimidating? Don’t back out just yet!  Go through the Abs after 40 reviews to get a sneak-peak of real lives that are changed completely by this weight-loss-cum- abs-building program.

What made Abs after 40 distinctive is- its sole focus in on an aging male body that is going through hormonal fluctuations and finding it hard to keep the weight steady and the paunch- be gone. When I was skimming through the multiple Abs after 40 reviews, I noticed one common theme- 40+ men from all over the world poured their hearts out about- how they had felt ignored by mainstream fitness gurus till they found out about this unique program, catering to their needs exclusively.

Finding it hard to believe the claim? Well, you can as well visit the Abs after 40 customer reviews online and verify it yourself. 

Does Abs After 40 Work?

The positive Abs after 40 reviews form one of the biggest proofs that it works and how! The foundation of this program lies with- the fitness of men above-40 and how they can shed off maximum weight while not denying their bodies with essential nutrients Likewise, each phase of this work-out regimen is backed- up by medical science and the nutritional plan.

It has been well established that, a 20-35 minutes of intense exercise is way more effective than doing it 2 hours per day in a lackluster way. And this program taps on that essence. In the Abs after 40 reviews, you’d find that the users are praising equivocally- how customized this program is for the needs of 40- above men.

 Inclusion of compound exercises, nutritious food chart that focuses solely on maximizing the dwindling testosterone level of male body, and free-hand movements that targets belly as well as whole body fat- make Abs After 40 – an organic physical fitness routine that works.

My Personal Experience With Abs After 40

My tryst with this program is nothing short of fulfilling. I had not dieted or exercised much in life. Result? During my mid-30s I started developing joint issues which later snowballed into- lack of desire for working-out and feeling sluggish all the day. Abs after 40 reviews and my buddy’s constant chiding made me to pick it up and I am glad that I did.

While the carefully planned work-outs fitted perfectly into my busy schedule, the meal blue-print made sure that I got to eat nutritious foods- without losing out on taste. I had always feared that dieting means cutting back on my social life. But lots of Abs after 40 reviews assured me that, there wouldn’t be any such sacrifice with Mark Mcilyar’s program and they were right!

I followed the work-out videos dedicatedly, ate out as per the meal plan and lost out on close to 40 lbs of fat at the end of program- without putting my body under torture. 

Why You Should Buy Abs After 40?

There are multiple reasons for which one should buy Abs after 40. Well, first of all, dwindling testosterone level triggers off weight gain, loss of vitality, receding hairline and poor sexual drive. The fancy work-out programs out there only cater to virile men of 20s and early 30s, who are at the peak of the health anyway.

The Abs after 40 reviews (and later following the regimen myself) taught me one thing- the exercise for a young body and an aging body shouldn’t be same. With this program, rest assured that, even if you have joint pains, you will be able to do all the sets without harming your body in anyway.

Secondly, Abs after 40 meals would leave you very happy. There are many fitness enthusiasts who don’t want to follow the strict diets, which make them give up on all the favorite foods, they have relished whole life. From the Abs after 40 customer reviews I got to learn that- I don’t have to give up on my avocado quesadillas or whole egg buckets when I am following these exercises at home. In case you are a gourmet for healthy-yet-tasty cuisines, then this is another point for which you have pick up this work-out plan.

From Abs after 40 reviews I noticed that the super expensive gyms always make the common men queasy. This easy-on-the-pocket work-out program ensures that you get all the benefits of joining a gym-program in the fraction of a price. 

Why You Shouldn’t Buy Abs After 40?

This is pretty hard to rake up your brain and come out with a point for which, you mustn’t buy Abs after 40. Well, in case you perform best under the strict observation of a personal trainer (no matter how insanely pricey it would be, to hire him), then this program is not for you. Here, you have to bring out your inner dedication and focus to follow the work-out videos and replicate them day-on-day basis. Don’t expect any spoon-feeding.

Another point that few Abs after 40 reviews indicated – there are some free how-to materials in the internet that guide the readers through the at-home testosterone- enhancement techniques. In case you think that just going through the free-of-cost manuals is enough to lead your exercise regimen, then you might not want to buy this program because it comes with a price.

Additionally, few Abs after 40 reviews mentioned that for septuagenarians, following these videos should come with a caution. In this case, consult to your physician first.

How Does It Work?

As I have mentioned above, there are three phases of Abs after 40. In the first phase, you have to kick-start the belly-fat burning work-out. Here, pick up the abs exercises , divide each of them into 2-4 sets and repeat each work-out for 12-14 times. Sounds taxing? Well, just go for it heads-on and you will find out- how quickly you would be able to complete the reps. For pre-exercise inspirations, you can read some of the motivating Abs after 40 customer reviews as well.

The second phase includes- the male testosterone hormone rejuvenation exercise for your body. Here, what you’ll follow is known as-compound resistance exercise (more on this later). With it, more and more testosterone would be absorbed into your blood-stream. Result? Your body will revv up the process of testosterone production thus- melting the rest of the belly fat, and keeping your energy as well as sex-drive- high.

The third phase ensures that- now you can shift your focus towards the other fatty regions of your body and also make you learn- how to maintain this reduced weight through-out the year. This also includes consuming food as per the meal-plan.

In this sub-topic, I have briefly discussed the work-method of this effective fitness plan. To know more deeply about it, you should visit the product’s official site as well as more detailed Abs after 40 reviews.

Why Is Abs After 40 So Popular?

Which other fitness program would teach you- how to cook no-carb-yet- yummy chicken tacos? Well, Abs after 40 does it. Not only that, this fitness regimen comes with guidelines on how you should treat the common work-out related injuries that “old men” face. This is a holistic work-out program that touches every aspect of healthy lifestyle that a 40-something man should follow. Going by the Abs after 40 customer reviews, it seems that this is the biggest reason behind its popularity.

Secondly, reading through multiple Abs after 40 reviews, I have come to this conclusion that, the program creator Mark Mcilyar is another inspiring figure for whom, men of 40 and beyond are flocking towards this program. Termed as “sexy granpa”, Mark himself has a body to die for and can give any man half-of-his-age a run for money.

If you are unhappy with the result and want your money back, then Mark and his team would personally take the effort to go through your fitness goals, lifestyle pattern, and customize the plan accordingly- with your agreement. According to many Abs after 40 reviews, this is another reason which spiked up the credibility (and popularity) of this fitness program.

Is Abs After 40 A Scam?

The detailed Abs after 40 reviews that have documented about- real life changes by training method- prove that this is a legitimate product. Even if you don’t go out your way and believe in what majority of the Abs After 40 reviews saying, just do your own research regarding the relation between -hormone and 40-above male fitness. This would definitely show you that the mechanism Abs after 40 is following-is deeply rooted into medical as well as nutritional science.

When a fitness regimen has so much logical and scientific back-ups to support it, it’s hard to tag it as something illegitimate. Be that as it may, in any case you come across few Abs after 40 customer reviews with out-of-this-word claims made by “eager” affiliate marketers- do take them with a pinch of salt.

What Are Scientists Saying?

Though no individual study has been undertaken on Abs after 40 yet, the program follows the medical and nutritional science to the T.I have mentioned earlier that this regimen includes compound resistance program. It’s scientifically proved that compound exercise includes more than one group of muscle- thus generating optimal output than any isolation work-out.

Squat, lunges, bench press are few compound work-outs that are inclusive in nature and activate the muscles on your chest, hip, thigh, lower abdomen and triceps. All of these exercise forms are included in Abs after 40.

The meal plans that come with (and lauded most in Abs after 40 reviews) include the foods that are supported by nutritional science, to increase the level of testosterone. Zinc is the number-one ingredient that has been used for centuries to enhance male hormone in body.  Go through any detailed Abs after 40 customer reviews and you’ll find out the meat lovers rejoicing on the fact that- Mark Mcilyar has recommended keeping chicken, lamb, veal, crab in regular diet chart.

What Abs After 40 Consists Of?

You can access to the videos in two ways. Most of the Abs after 40 reviews I have gone through, the users sought out for the DVDs to be delivered at home. On the other hand, there are other consumers who expressed in their Abs after 40 reviews that they found it most convenient to streaming the videos on their laptop for viewing-and-following purpose.

When you are in the trial period, apart from showing you the exercise techniques, the videos will teach you- how to prepare nutritious meals for belly fat reduction and hormonal optimization. It’s only after you purchase the whole set, then the free meal plan tags along.

The official site of Abs after 40 comes with 2 free bonuses for the users. Besides the main set and meal plan, you can get to download the free six-pack training app designed by Mark Mcilyar, on your mobile device. On the other hand, the free eBook related to common injuries and gym problems, is also there for you to download on your laptop/PC.

What Is The Cost Of Abs After 40? 

In the event you buy Abs after 40 from its official site at one time, then you have to shell out $97.00, which is a discounted price (the regular value is $219.00). It comes with a 14-day trial pack. Once the trial period is over and you sign-up for monthly subscription, then pay up $67/month for the next 6 months.

This program, likewise, comes with a 6-day money-back guarantee. Don’t like the outcome at the end of 2 months? Just contact to the customer support and you’ll get 100% refund.

Do you know that, even if you use up the content of this program and return the empty container to the company at the end of 60 days, you’ll receive full refund? This is one aspect praised mostly in majority of Abs after 40 reviews.

FAQS About Abs After 40

Now, let’s find out some frequently asked questions regarding Abs after 40 that you might or might not find in many Abs after 40 Customer Reviews.

Does Abs After 40 include core-muscle training?

Ans. Yes, it does. If you just glance through Abs after 40 Customer Reviews and not delve into the deets, it’s highly likely you’ll get the impression that, this program only targets the outer layers of muscles, especially in the third-phase.

Be that as it may, in reality, the full-body fat burning mode concentrates mostly on your abdomen’s inner muscles-with 4 special work-outs, designed by Mark himself.

Does it have high impact or low-impact exercise?

Ans. Given with the fact that this regimen is tailored specially for the needs of 40+ patrons, all of the work-outs shown in the videos of Abs after 40 are low-impact. Further, instead of focusing more on cardio, Mark Mcilyar concentrated more on multi-joints-led compound movements.

What does the free meal plan include?

Ans. The 60-minute grill-and-go plan, 6 most essential supplements for 40+ men, 3 ways to balance socializing with eating right are some of the topics of discussion in this program’s meal blueprint. Not only that, you’d also learn about tasty grab-and-go snack recipes as well as foods, that would increase your testosterone.

Abs After 40 Reviews

The majority of Abs after 40 reviews is glowing with the praises about the product. While some had pointed out that how Abs after 40 had induced the latent fitness need among 40+ men, the others gone gaga over the lifestyle-friendly meal plans, which come with the whole package.

However, there is a tiny disgruntled group of users, who expressed their displeasure assuming that, there is nothing new or unique- both in the work-out program and in the meal blue print. According to them, there are many free online materials that preach the same fitness tips for aging male.

Which Celebrities Are Using This?

There is no denying of the fact that our fitness decisions these days are highly influenced by celebrities. However, in case you are looking for familiar names of International stars that had so far used Abs after 40 and praised about the regimen publicly, then you are signing up yourself for disappointment. Even if the celebs are using it, they didn’t come forward with it. However, founder Mark Mcilyar is a celebrity himself in his own right. He is a known face in modeling circuit of USA and has solid reputation in the fitness industry.

Where To Buy Abs After 40?

Unfortunately, this product is not available in any physical store right now. Online is the best place to buy Abs after 40.  Purchasing it directly from the official site is what- recommended by most of the Abs after 40 reviews. I did it as well, and the prompt customer service was what impressed me most- besides the product.

However, in few Abs after 40 reviews, you would see that the users have cautioned against falling in trap set by scam affiliate marketers and rightly so. There are many fishy internet marketers out there, who would lure you with unbelievable discounts and urge you to “click the link below”, followed by filling-up the registration form, to purchase Abs after 40. Do that and you’ll surely be duped out of your hard-earned money.

Apart from solid customer support, secured payment getaway is another reason for which you should buy it from the original site itself. There was a time when you had to watch the videos only through downloading or streaming. But right now, the company ships out the DVD set at customers’ doorsteps.

Call To Action

Abs after 40 is simply a life-changing product that is making thousands of 40+ men fit and fabulous- one at a time. If you apply your logic then it would seem absurd that what is good for the body of 22 year old is also fit for a 42-year old man. Isn’t it? Abs after 40 has tapped this latent need among adult, disillusioned men who have just jumpstarted their 4th decade of life or already into it for some time now.

Do buy Abs after 40 if you want to elevate your physical fitness as well as making yourself attractive to the opposite gender. You don’t have to hit a gym for that. The tailored, at-home Abs after 40 would ensure that- you get the gym-treatment right inside of your drawing room.

There are detailed and more research-oriented Abs after 40 customer reviews , which would show you clearly what you are missing out on, if you haven’t included this item already in the shopping cart.

In case you are wary of yet another over-hyped weight loss program that promises (and charges) too much but delivers too-little, let Abs after 40 reviews assure you that- there is an exception. Whether you want to feel confident or woo your new girlfriend, a toned body-combined-with-a-positive spirit is the biggest weapon. This program does both of them for you.