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6-Pack Abs Strategy: 10 Tips That Click

Having six-pack abs doesn’t guarantee for good health. It only ensures that you’ll look appealing and become a ‘matter of envy’ among peers. Building a chiseled gut requires nutritious diet as much as it wants power- packed exercises. Let’s find out- how to strategize your meals, for the sake of six-packs.

Know Harmful Foods

Before you kick off a diet regimen supporting your six-pack dream, learn to identify the most harmful elements in your sustenance. The top award must go to white sugar. Do take note that on a daily basis, we expend many foods that have hidden sugar in them, such as –biscuit, white bread and sauce. In the event you are obsessed with well-defined visceral muscles, start avoiding foods with sugar, consciously.

Do you know that per meal, our bodies can handle only 3-6 grams of sugar? The remaining tends to get put away as fat. Fruit juice too, that otherwise is counted among healthy sources of fiber, includes loads of sugar. A glass of blueberries contains around 14 gram of sugar, isn’t it too high? There is only one exception when you can devour sugar amid your six-pack building process and i.e. during post-work-out.

Apart from sugar, any processed food should be excluded from your nutritious plan. Protein is exceedingly critical to shape your torso (more on that later). Be that as it may, don’t reach out for sausage, ham and salami that can be found inside the freezer of a supermarket. These are processed proteins with truckloads of calorie and fat in them.

Determine Calorie



Before you decide what to eat and so forth, this is of foremost significance to figure out your daily calorie intake- required for six-pack. Calorie powers up the body to- lift weight, to run or run errands. Make sure that you always intake more calorie than what your body uses up- in order to energize the internal system. Anything less than that, and you’ll definitely feel sluggish throughout the day.  

For best plan, utilize an online BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) calculator and get the total figure of the calorie your body needs daily. For sculpted gut, reduce 200-300 calorie from the aggregate number and stick to it for the next 2 months.

In the beginning, separate the calorie intake into 3 parts. Suppose- your body needs 100 calorie per day. For convenience, divide it into 40% of carb, 40% for lean protein and leave the remaining 20% for healthy fat. If at the end of the first month, you fail to achieve the weight-loss goal, keep the calorie cycle somewhere-e between the bottom level and mid-level. This way, your metabolism doesn’t get hampered.

Focus On Protein

This is by a long shot, the most vital part of your eating regimen. Usually, following a very low-calorie nourishment plan has its own perils. Your metabolism might crash, while you feel famished all the time. On the other hand, it can end up in destroying lean muscles on your abdomen, as well. Protein is the one macronutrient that can compensate for each of these losses, given you consume it aplenty (sticking to the BMR percentage) every day.

 Store up chicken breasts, turkey breasts, salmon, tuna fish in your fridge. Make sure that you prepare the protein in such a way, so that, its nutrition quotient remains intact. Baking, grilling and roasting are three most popular cooking methods to preserve the inherent goodness of protein .

Though from 100 gram of beef one can expect 36 g of protein (highest among chicken, crab, lamb and duck), however, limit your consumption of red meat and have it once in a while. Or else, the level of cholesterol will shot up in your body.

Beef and goat too, should be avoided in your way of life. In case you want to savor veal in your cheat day lunch, go for grass-fed cow only. Talk to your fitness trainer and go for daily protein shake, in the event your lifestyle doesn’t allow you to eat protein every day.

Learn About Fat

Trans fat and saturated fat are two types of fat that shouldn’t get any place in your dietary chart.  This means- no more processed butter, cheese, oil (except olive oil, virgin coconut oil and sunflower oil) and full fat milk for you. Be that as it may, peanut butter has plenty of healthy fat and is rich in protein. However, don’t go for the store-bought ones for that matter. Make a jar of peanut butter from the scratch- inside your kitchen.  

At this point, the question must arise- what are some examples of six-pack friendly fats? Well, count on flaxseeds, roasted sunflower seeds, avocado and oily fish. These are altogether solid fats that would regulate your hormone, strengthen your bone, and repair the damaged tissues of the muscle.

Post work-out session; digestion system tends to take a beating.  This is the perfect hour to treat yourself with some nutritious lard because at any other time, it would take long to process the fat and the unprocessed part will be stored away- around midriff.  Be particular about carb and protein- being your only post-exercise snack choices. For any other time of the day, set for few grams of fat per meal.

What Are Good Carbs?

Carbohydrate is the most debated nutrient in the six-pack diet curve. Thousands of articles have been produced till date on whether you should include carb in your diet or not- when the objective is to get slender body muscles. The truth lies somewhere in-between. Eat carb but only good carbs and that too, after calculating your BMR. The good carbs include- brown rice, sweet potatoes, whole wheat [pizza, multi-grain breads to name a few.

Before you hit the gym and after you come out of a grueling session of work-out, don’t forget to take 35-40 gram carbs to replenish the exhausting vitality level.  Additionally, try to finish off your dinner by 8.00 PM, so that, the carb you in your meal persuades time to get digested- before you hit the hay.

A low-calorie diet for six-pack with minimum carb can make you go ravenous and you shall be hogging onto food. In the initial days of your six-pack journey, in every two weeks of following a low-carb diet, allot one weekend to have high-carb foods such as home-made pasta, pad Thai rice among others. Don’t forget to add low-calorie vegetables as side dishes- with it.

Cheat Days

Cheat days make the arduous journey of shaping your tummy- somewhat bearable. When you take after a less-tasty and more-bland diet for 9 consecutive days, you should treat yourself on the 10th day itself for little dose of motivation. Just remember, on the next day, be ready to do some doubly-intensified work-out to compensate for all the carbs, fats and processed sugar- you have hoarded up the previous night. Maybe, lift heavier weights or do sit-ups on a downward bench?

In any case, this is not wise to hog onto all the junk foods and oily fries your heart desires on the treat day. Rather sticking to a brunch would allow you to eat your heart out, while looking forward to a light dinner. So what foods should be there on the cheat meal? Having fried chicken and six cans of beer is certainly not going to help in your cause.

Instead of that, nimble on a nicely-cooked, juicy steak with a glass of red wine. Or if you love traditional home-cooked fare that you have otherwise abandoned, then don the chef’s hat and make yourself an elaborate and sumptuous spread.

Don’t forget to swig at least 2 cups of water before sitting down to eat.  In this way, your ghrelin (the hormone which indicates your brain that, the stomach is not empty) reduces, and leptin (the hormone which signals that your tummy is full) rises up.

Ideal Breakfast

Breakfast should be the most imperative meal of the day, when you are doing everything in your capacity to get six-pack abs. Maximize the amount of carbs in your morning meal. It will get the whole days’ time to be digested and would keep you not seeking for starch in lunch or dinner. If you love bread, then look for whole-grain slice that is full of fiber, and would keep your belly full for a long stretch of time.

Apart from multi-grain breads, oatmeal is another perfect sustenance to dig into as the first food in morning. Oatmeal contains carbs that regulate sugar in the blood-stream. Even half-cup of oats would give you 10 grams of energy that blasts off midsection-fat. Lastly, the fiber in oatmeal suppresses your appetite in a normal way.

Egg is another natural ingredient that reduces fat stockpiling by the body. The nutrient choline found in egg would make you feel satiated- long after you have had your breakfast. Whip up a hard-boiled egg or prepare egg-casserole for maximum nourishment.

Include fresh fruits in the breakfast spread. Apple is the most suitable fixing for that. The soluble fiber present in apple reduces stomach fat. According to a study conducted by University of Western Australia, “Cripps Pink’ variety of apple has maximum amount of anti-oxidant flavonoids. They, in turn, reduce fat storage. So choose wisely.

Six-Pack Lunch

The ideal six-pack lunch should contain protein, carb and healthy fat. For protein, go for lean cut chicken or turkey. Do you know that after consuming protein rich meal, up to 35% calorie of the food, can be singed off by the body? This will surely commence your belly fat burn process.

On the other hand, for healthy carb, how about incorporating baked potato in your lunch? The carotenoids (anti-oxidants) in sweet potatoes balance out insulin level in the blood and slow down calorie-to-fat conversion rate. Lastly, tuna fish in your lunch would give your body DHA or the fatty acid that can torch off belly adipose tissue.

Healthy Evening Snacks

The most troublesome part to determine your diet for six-packs would be- mulling over the role of snacks. The market-assortments are fatty and calorie-dense, so instead of munching on slice of pizza (except when it’s whole wheat), have Greek yogurt.  Pressed with protein, calcium and antibiotics, this will take care of your digestive tracts- thus keeping inflammation at a bay. Yogurt melts belly fat as well. A wheat bran muffin or bar is another great nibble that is low-on-calorie and high-on-protein. Wheat bran likewise helps curbing down the bloating; on the off chance you have any, post-lunch.

Power Packed Dinner

The dinner should be light-yet brimming with protein. Don’t focus much on carb, better do away with it in your night-time meal. On the off chance you feel the dinner will remain incomplete without having little carb by the side of your dish, then have a slice of toasted whole-grain braid.

Legume is the top ingredient that you should include in your dinner minimum 4 times a week. Not only legume, but chickpeas, beans, sprouts are also welcome additions to feed your body the protein it needs. Prepare a salad containing legume and bell paper. While legume is brimming with protein, the latter would squash down the stress-inducing cortisol hormone in your body that would otherwise- add fat around your mid-section.

Sleep is an imperative factor for weight loss. To trigger off better sleep, drink a glass of milk before hitting the sack. Just make sure that,   it is the fortified milk and not the full fat type. Milk feeds your body sufficient amount of vitamin D as well as calcium. The former melts down your visceral fat, while the latter would bolster your bones. In case you don’t like milk, replace it with a cup of green tea instead. The catechins present in green tea prevent mid-section fat deposition.

They say- six-pack is built in kitchen and not in gym. Striving for six-pack needs meticulous planning and lifestyle alterations.  Apart from doing high-intensity and innovative work-outs, you must give top priority to what you eat- as well. So list down the abs-friendly foods before you start lifting weight.